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PROEDGE Professional Fitness Training based in New Jersey, The Bronx and, New York City, unparalleled fitness training at it’s best! Victor Munoz is a Certified Trainer and Member of The International Sports Medicine Association.

Victor has been sculpting bodies to perfection for 41 years. Along with his expertise in Body Sculpting, Victor Munoz is a Trained Martial Artist. He was trained in various styles of Eastern Self-defense. Combining the patience, discipline, and excellent knowledge of nutrition, with professional know-how, Victor gets results like no other trainer.

PROedge Trains everyone from Movie Stars to the everyday person, Writers, Wall Street Brokers, Doctors, Professional Athletes, etc. Victor trains champions and nothing less.

If you are serious about getting into competition or just getting into the best shape possible – Victor is the trainer for you. With PROedge you get professional results!! Don’t hesitate contact PROedge today. Get those abs & that perfect body that you desire.

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