Victor Munoz

What is PROEdge? It’s the Professional Edge that you’ll get from the unparalleled one on one attention provided by bodybuilding and fitness expert, Victor Munoz, and his team of personal trainers.

Munoz, a native of Cuba, is no come-lately to personal training. While it has become the trend that everyone in New York has a personal trainer (along with a shrink) these days, Munoz, was among NYC’s first fitness professionals. He began shaping professional athletes, body builders, celebrities, dancers and regular folk, more than twenty years ago, back in the days of Jack Lalane. A certified trainer and member of the International Sports Medicine Association, Munoz does not limit his work to the gym. He’s also a skilled martial artist who teaches classes in eastern self-defense.

His guidance in weight training and nutrition has pumped to physical perfection several leading male and female body builders who have gone on to capture prestigious titles in competition* and has provided a rehabilitative comeback for others, plagued with health problems. For those in between – men and women who’ve needed to shed 20 pounds, tone up and look their best, Munoz has gotten them in the zone in record time.

When Diva Diana Ross needed to get in shape for her last national tour, she called Victor Munoz. Victor Munoz is the trainer that other trainers, like Armando Pena and Leo Pacheco, come to for their fitness sessions. PROEdge currently caters to a diverse group of clients; helping writers and Wall Street brokers build up their physical strength after a long day of working out their minds, making sure the doctors, actors and pro baseball players under its charge, stay healthy and happy.

The PROEdge motto is “built to last.”
Beyond being a fitness guru to some of New York’s celebrities, fashionistas, and media personalities, Victor Munoz is a teacher. His goal is to teach all of his clients, regardless of their age or level of physical fitness, how to eat well, and how to live better, healthier lives. “Its what I love to do,” says Munoz, whose style blends the Zen philosophy of patience and quiet strength with the passion of a gung ho master trainer..

*Some of the professional athletes who’ve won with mentoring from PROEdge are:

Leandro Perez top amateur body builder,

Orville Burke (2000) 3rd place-Toronto Int. Competition, 4th Place; “Night of the Champion:. 10th Place – Mr .Olympia, etc.

Victor Martinez; (2000) 1st Place- JUNIOR USA; Heavyweight Class, NPC Nationals; 1st Place-Heavyweight Class & Overall (earning his Pro Card), (2001) 8th Place -“Night of the Champion” (his first time out).

Munoz’s female champs include:

Nursel Gurler:(2001) 1st Place, Eastern USA, 6th Place, Nationals

Mara Brescia (2002) 2nd place, Junior USA.

He has also coached top amateur body builders to help them turn pro, such as:

Hong Wong (2002) Mr. Metropolitan, 1st Place & Overall, getting them ready to turn pro, in addition to helping several high school hopefuls score college sports scholarships.

For more information on PROEdge or to schedule a session:
Contact: Victor Munoz at Cellular: 917-532-5335 – Contact PROedge